organic cotton top with sleeveless design

$97 TTC

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organic cotton
ribbed round neck
sleeveless design
cuffs on the shoulders
straight hem
to put on
This article consists of at least 50% organic materials.
We’ve partnered with Good On You — an independent agency that evaluates the performance of brands based on their impact on the planet, people and animals, with a simplified multi-criteria rating on a five-point scale. In order to earn our eco-conscious label, larger brands must achieve a minimum score of four out of five (Good), while smaller brands must achieve a minimum score of three out of five (It’s a start).
This item comes from a brand rated three out of five (It’s a start) by Good On You when it was added to FARFETCH. Please note that this is a brand-based review and does not guarantee that this product is made with eco-conscious materials.
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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 33 × 16 cm
100% organic cotton
Machine wash